The Services We Provide

As a General Dentistry practice, we provide the following:
Preventive care: X-ray films, periodontal/clinical exams, cleanings
Periodontal care: deep cleanings, periondontal maintenance
 Restorative care: fillings, inlays, onlays
Prosthodontic care: crowns, permanent bridges
             Removable dentures: full and partial dentures
 Limited Oral Surgery: extractions
Implant Restorative care: implant crowns, bridges, dentures
Limited Orthodontics: Realine system for minor tooth movement
 Aesthetic Treatment: space closures, veneers

Our office places tooth-color/resin/composite fillings only

We also use porcelain, man-made ceramics, semi-precious metals for crowns and bridges

We believe there are dental conditions that require specialist care.  We refer our patients
when we believe it is in their best interests
to receive specialist care.
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Jobie H. Low, D.D.S.